Sunday, June 13, 2010

Work in progress.

Work in progress. This is a plein air sketch I did up at Garret Mountain. The mountain has a beautiful view overlooking Paterson, NJ. This is the first stage of a developing painting; I mass in all the shapes showing shadows and light areas. I try to get the values right in one shot. The key is observing nature’s true colors, mixing, and applying paint to canvas. In this way, you observe and immediately record your observation. At this point, the painting looks like a graphic design. I bring the sketch back to the studio for completion. Painting outside gives you the thrill and opportunity to see Nature’s true colors, but then you add the harmony and the personalization in the studio. I hope to have this painting finished in about a week. I highly recommend taking a little trip up to Garret Mountain. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy painting!!

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