Sunday, February 19, 2012

Center City Galleries

Center City Galleries has become the headquarters of the burgeoning arts movement in Paterson, a movement which is catapulting the arts community in Paterson to new, creative heights. Artists from as far away as China are drawn to the clean, open space of the largest gallery in the state of New Jersey. There are three large galleries for art exhibitions on the second level of Center City Mall, a unique, state of the art mall built in the center of the business district of Paterson. What has also spurred the success and popularity of Center City Galleries is the proximity of the Paterson train station two blocks away, enabling easy access to the galleries for both artists and patrons across the tri-state region.

Carmine Pellosie had a vision when he created Center City Galleries: to gather the wealth of artistic talent in the area and beyond and bring it to Paterson. David Buckbinder is a teacher and lead curator of the Pellosie team. He says, “Center City Galleries is breathing new life into the arts community in Paterson. Art is a vital part of our everyday lives, and it should be seen and appreciated where we eat, shop, and congregate.”

Center City Galleries has, in its brief existence, hosted numerous exhibitions by local artists and showcased artists from as far away as Asia. There is an international flavor to the gallery, which represents artists from the Paterson “melting pot,” as well as well-known artists from the international arts scene.

In order to be considered for representation at Center City Galleries, an artist must bring his or her artwork to the gallery framed and ready for hanging.

For further information on Center City Galleries and submissions, please contact Carmine Pellosie or David Buckbinder at (973) 881-0001.

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